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Case Study


The company sought to develop a 40MW battery storage site for merchant trading and the associated 132kV contestable grid connections with the UK Power Networks system. This included the design of transformers, 33kV switchgear, layout of battery storage containers and inverter transformers, as well as route planning for 33km of cabling. The scope of works also included the earthing system design, alongside a series of network studies and the G99 compliance process. Moreover, the required civils works were captured in an EPC project, which included the structural design of transformers, structures, buildings and gen set bases across the site.

R&D Details

As this was the first project in the UK in which battery storage was to be utilised in a G99 compliant system, the company had to develop advanced integration strategies to link a broad technology spread including battery inverters, transformers and supply equipment within a spatially and access constrained site, whilst mitigating equipment degradation through the development of a unique remotely monitored low-latency SCADA communication system to minimise system downtime through accurate early fault diagnosis.

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