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Picture of Peter Roscoe

Peter Roscoe

Chief Executive Officer


Peter Roscoe is the Chief Executive Officer of RCK Partners and is focused on ensuring that the business continues to support UK company's growth and innovation. Peter began his career at the largest R&D tax credit provider, and through this experience saw that there was a more client-centric way of operating. This led Peter to co-found RCK Partners. Peter's specialisation lies in the engineering sector: delivering successful claims for construction, engineering and M&E companies in the FTSE 100 and SME markets.

Picture of Wayne Boorer

Wayne Boorer (ACMA)

Chief Financial Officer


Wayne is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. Prior to joining RCK, Wayne fulfilled the role of Group Commercial Finance Manager in a premium listed business in the professional services sector. Overall, Wayne has 14 years’ experience of working within manufacturing engineering, insurance, professional and financial services in a range of senior commercial and technical finance positions spanning the UK, Europe, North America, and Asia.

Picture of  James Gibson

James Gibson

Chief Commercial Officer


James has been working in the tax incentives industry since 2016. Since joining the firm in 2020, he has been instrumental to the growth of RCK and in 2023 was appointed Chief Commercial Officer. Within this role, James has built this function to a team comprised of over 30 employees.

James has experience of working with clients from a multitude of sectors, notably in software, manufacturing, agriculture and construction. He has successfully forged strategic links with several leading trade associations to enable their members to avail of funding. James’s success stems from an enterprising attitude, his strong ability to build relationships and a genuine desire to help businesses to achieve their long-term goals. In his role as Chief Commercial Officer, James ensures that his team deliver excellent value to clients and uphold the highest professional standards.

Picture of Peter Clark

Peter Clark PhD

Chief Technology Officer


As an experienced R&D professional, Peter completed an engineering doctorate whilst working within a FTSE 100 central R&D department and subsequently worked in development engineering, refining precious metals, before undertaking management consulting work to implement innovation software.

Having worked within one of Europe's largest innovation funding providers, Peter has worked extensively on engineering, construction, manufacturing, and agricultural R&D claims.

With a core background in R&D and Chemical Engineering, Peter can better understand the challenges encountered by his clients, applying technology driven solutions into corporation tax services on behalf of clients.

Picture of Sophie Spells

Sophie Spells

Head of Legal, Data and Compliance & General Counsel (Partner)


Sophie’s legal career has spanned over 13 years. Prior to joining RCK, she has spent the last seven years leading an in-house legal, data and compliance team at a leading law firm. Her experience incorporates all things legal (contracts/ litigation/ corporate), data protection, procurement, costs challenges, funding, compliance and dispute resolution. Prior to this, she worked in private practice in asset finance at Norton Rose, specialising in Shipping and Aviation Finance.

In her roles as both General Counsel and Head of Legal, Data and Compliance, Sophie safeguards the business by ensuring the adoption of best-practice principles in all areas of corporate governance and departmental procedure. With her wealth of legal, data and compliance knowledge, she is consistently tightening RCK’s security which is consistent with RCK’s adopted mission to be the safest and most security-conscious provider of services in our industry.

Picture of Philip Hammond

Lord Philip Hammond

Senior Adviser


Lord Philip Hammond served as Chancellor of the Exchequer from 2016 to 2019, Foreign Secretary from 2014 to 2016, and Defence Secretary from 2011 to 2014, and is now a Senior Advisor to RCK. During his time as Chancellor, Lord Hammond championed innovation and productivity growth within the UK. Lord Hammond joined RCK to support its efforts to drive up compliance standards within the R&D tax credits advisory sector, thus protecting the R&D tax credit scheme which is such a vital part of the UK’s effort to raise innovation and productivity.

Picture of Philip Hammond

Andrew Roscoe

Senior Adviser


Andrew began his career in a nuclear research laboratory as part of the UK’s development of nuclear power plants. Following an MBA at London Business School, he went on to build his career incorporate finance with Cazenove & Co. working on M&A transactions as well as IPOs.  26 years ago he joined Egon Zehnder, the international talent management firm. Since then he has held various roles including leading the UK business, helping to develop the firm’s business in Greater China and more recently sitting on the Swiss parent company board where he chaired the board finance committee. For several years he led the firm’s global assessment and development practice and co-authored a number of articles in Harvard Business Review on assessing potential for development in senior executives.  He is currently splitting his time between London and Dublin where he has been responsible for establishing Egon Zehnder’s 36th country practice in the Irish capital. Outside work Andrew is a proud father and now grandfather and tries to keep active through running and swimming.

Picture of Mark Kashinskiy

Mark Kashinskiy



Mark has been working in R&D Tax Credits since his graduation from the University of Oxford. As one of the first people to begin working on agriculture claims in the UK, Mark has developed a wide network of clients within the farming community, through which he has continued to help others within the industry.

Outside of farming, the rest of Mark's client base is spread out between engineering, renewable energy and software companies (with a particular focus on blockchain and Al).

Picture of Mike Horn

Michael Horn

Technical – Head of Property Tax (Partner)


Mike has been working in the Capital Allowances industry since 2014, having previously worked at both a ‘big 4’ accountancy firm and the world’s largest real estate services provider. During this time, Mike has gained extensive experience in providing Capital Allowances advice to a wide range of clients across all sectors, most notably in student accommodation, industrial & logistics, healthcare, financial services and retail.

As Head of Property Tax, Mike is responsible for the successful preparation, delivery and agreement of tax saving claim reports. To date, Mike has helped identify and secure Capital Allowances for a wide range of clients. Given Mike’s legislative knowledge and full disclosure approach, he has successfully agreed all claims with HMRC at full value.

Mike’s success has largely come down to an authentic passion to be market leading and to enable businesses to benefit from complex tax regimes.

Mike’s regular clients include institutions, REITs, private equity companies, lenders, investors and occupiers.

Picture of Mike Horn

Eli Gottlieb

Head of Risk & Compliance (Partner)


Eli is an experienced Chartered Tax Adviser (both ATT & CTA qualified) with nearly ten years of expertise in various areas of tax. His career includes working in Private Client Tax at Smith & Williamson (now Evelyn Partners) and Tax Dispute Resolution at BDO. Eli excels as a resilient problem-solver with a keen interest in helping clients navigate and resolve complex tax disputes. As Head of Risk & Compliance, Eli leads the Compliance Team, ensuring all claims made by RCK meet the firm’s rigorous standards including compliance with both the legislation and HMRC’s guidance, without compromising on the value of relief to which clients are entitled.  The Compliance Team also manages all correspondence with HMRC and any arising Enquiries. The team has a strong track record of resolving HMRC enquiries in a mutually beneficial manner for their clients and HMRC. Outside of tax, Eli's passionate about helping others navigate the convoluted care system in the UK. This stems from his lived experience as a primary carer for his brother-in-law who has Down’s Syndrome.

Picture of  Eva-Maria Stegemann

Eva-Maria Stegemann

Head of Human Resources (Partner)


With over 15 years of experience in Human Resources predominately in the Big Four, Eva is passionate about driving organisational success by aligning strategic people priorities to ambitious business growth plans. Eva is an organisational psychologist challenging the status quo by combining a forward-thinking approach, her interest in the latest research and leveraging data-driven decision making. In her volunteering work, Eva hopes to equip the next generation with transferable skills for their future of work.

Picture of  Eva-Maria Stegemann

Thomas Lee

Interim Head of R&D (Partner)


Tom has worked in R&D tax since 2019, gaining exposure to working on a wide range of clients including multinationals and listed companies. Prior to joining RCK, Tom worked in Corporation Tax, before joining the UK’s largest innovation funding provider. He has successfully advised clients within various industries on their R&D claims, ensuring compliance with the required government guidelines whilst managing an efficient and accurate delivery process.  

Picture of Anastasiya Kokonova

Anastasiya Kokonova

Partner - Capital Allowances


Anastasiya is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor with 14 years of experience in the Capital Allowances sector. Prior to specialising in Capital Allowances, Anastasiya has worked as a Quantity Surveyor for 3 years for a large QS firm where she has gained experience in both new build and fit out projects.

Anastasiya has provided Capital Allowances advice and undertaken claims on hundreds of properties and commercial transactions and has advised a wide variety of property investors across different sectors including high net worth individuals, hoteliers, retailers, media and investment companies and owner occupiers. Anastasiya holds a Masters Degree in Corporate Real Estate Finance and Strategy.

Picture of Freddie Page

Freddie Page

Commercial Partner


Freddie has been working in financial services since 2016, having previously worked at the UK’s largest provider of innovation funding. During this time, he has helped countless companies across a multitude of sectors – from Engineering and Construction to Agriculture and Software.

Freddie’s success, in part, has come from his ability to nurture and grow relationships with the firm’s accountancy partners: an exercise he has pioneered within the industry. Freddie’s belief that by working alongside accountants to add value to their client base, rather than competing against them, has meant that he has created successful partnerships with over 100 accountancies across the UK – helping their clients obtain the various forms of government funding available to them. Indeed, this has been instrumental not just to the company, but to the industry as a whole, with many of the other providers implementing Freddie’s model.

Picture of Zeb Cohen

Zeb Cohen

Commercial Partner


Legally trained but with no appetite for dining out on the disputes of others, Zeb pivoted into Tax Incentives 7 years ago and has not looked back.   Zeb’s interpersonal skills make him an industry leader in relationship management and through his extensive network he has helped secure tax benefits for some of the most innovative and capital-intensive companies in the country.  

Throughout his time in tax incentives, Zeb has constantly sought to secure funding and reliefs for the most deserving and compliant businesses in his sectors.  

Zeb’s success in brokering and developing relationships through diverse partnership agreements has helped broaden his network and give him access to markets with a high barrier to entry.

Picture of Alex Gook

Alex Gook

Commercial Partner


Alex joined RCK as our first ever graduate hire back in 2021, from the University of Leeds, with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Politics. His academic background, along with his experience working in other financial sectors, made for a natural transition into the world of R&D tax credits.

From joining as a graduate, fast forward 2.5 years later and Alex quickly proved himself and was promoted to a Partner. Alex now runs a team of 12 BD’s and working with both SME and RCEC clients, mainly involved in claims within the construction, engineering, software and agricultural sectors.  

Alex has a client-centred approach to the role and the ability to form strong partnerships with professional service providers.

Compliance Team

Picture of Christopher Johnson

Christopher Johnson

Compliance Manager (former HMRC)

Property Tax Team

Picture of Chris Howell-Jones

Tom Stenhouse

Senior Commercial Associate

Consultants Team

Picture of Younes

Younes Fegheh-Hassanpour PhD

R&D Manager

Operations Team

Picture of Megan Crawley

Becca Humphrey

Marketing Executive

Commercial Team

Picture of Alex Gook

Alex Gook

Commercial Partner

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