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HMRC Enquiry Support Services are open to any company that is undergoing an HMRC enquiry into a claim for tax relief. We offer enquiry support for R&D claims, Patent Box Relief, Capital Allowance's and Land Remediation Relief. RCK’s aim is to successfully defend all eligible expenditure within the claim through managing communication on the claimant's behalf with HMRC, reducing the time and energy invested by the claimant.

Our team is staffed with former HMRC inspectors, qualified accountants, and technical specialists who are all well versed in HMRC legislation and processes. At RCK, we have the capacity to support companies who have made their own claims, or used third-parties who have been unable to support when an enquiry has arisen.

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How long does the process last?

There is no set timeline for the resolution of an HMRC enquiry; it will continue until all reasonable concerns of the Inspector have been addressed. As a result of this, RCK Partners’ enquiry defence fee structure is primarily contingent upon the enquiry being successfully concluded. However, typically we see claims resolved within 6-9 months.

What should I do: I’ve received an enquiry letter from HMRC regarding an R&D claim?

At the earliest opportunity, you should reach out to your R&D services provider, or independent experts, in order to ensure you understand all information that HMRC has requested and to discuss the potential risks at each stage. Timely responses, presenting the technical elements of the claim within the boundaries of the R&D guidelines, are essential for the successful resolution of any enquiry.

What are the steps in the process?

- Examination of claim documents and existing enquiry correspondence
- Scoping call and risk analysis
- Managing all correspondence with HMRC across multiple letter exchanges and potential calls with the Inspector
- Claim resolution and penalty mitigation.

What are the possible outcomes of an enquiry?

The best-case scenario will result in the case officer accepting that the projects detailed in your claim are eligible under the R&D guidelines, resulting in the total amount of qualifying expenditure that was submitted being approved. In the worst case, the projects will be deemed to not be eligible, even after appeal. In those cases, none of the qualifying expenditure will be approved and the Inspector will be required to consider penalties for careless or inaccurate submission of tax returns.

Our experience varies on a case by case basis, and the result is dependent on the underlying quality of work put forward. Where clients have submitted a claim to HMRC in good faith, even if the Inspector concludes against allowing the claim, our experience is that we can work with HMRC to agree a way forward that does not result in the payment of penalties, provided that the claimant commits to understanding and abiding by HMRC guidance going forward.

Who is responsible for Enquiry Support Services at RCK Partners?

Richard Hill (ACA) as RCK Partners’ Head of Compliance and Risk, alongside Felix Medd, HMRC Liaison Lead, oversee all Claim Resolutions with the support of the in-house Compliance Team.

Is a letter from the Fraud Investigation Service an enquiry?

A distinct process, Fraud Investigation Service (FIS) letters are similar to enquiry letters, although they tend to be more focused on the financial costs incurred in comparison to R&D Enquiries. RCK Partners’ Claim Resolution Service is open to assist with both R&D Enquiries, and FIS letters.

Are you able to assist with Capital Allowances enquiries?

Absolutely, RCK Partners’ dedicated Capital Allowances team work closely with the Compliance team on all Capital Allowances enquiry responses.

How does RCK handle Capital Allowances enquiries?

When faced with an enquiry, our experienced Capital Allowances team guides you through the process, ensuring timely responses and adherence to Capital Allowance Tax relief guidelines. Our fee structure is contingent upon successfully resolving the enquiry, providing you with peace of mind. We examine claim documents, conduct scoping calls, and manage correspondence with HMRC, aiming for the best outcome. Whether it’s gaining approval for qualifying expenditure or addressing specific concerns, we’ll support you in navigating these complexities with confidence.

The letter I received mentions penalties, how will this affect me?

Inspectors are obliged to consider applying penalties in any situation in which the claim value is reduced over the course of the enquiry. Penalties can be up to 30% of the tax due in cases where the submission is deemed to be careless, between 20% and 70% for submission of deliberately incorrect information, and between 30% and 100% where the claim is deemed to have been deliberately incorrect and concealed.

Penalties can be reduced or mitigated entirely depending on multiple factors, including open and timely responses to HMRC and assisting in calculating any changes in tax due. RCK Partners will advise on all stages of enquiry response with a view to reducing the risk of incurring penalties, where it is reasonable and possible to do so.

Enquiry Case Studies

Software Company

RCK resolved 2 years of enquiries and 3 historical claims.

A large software company had 5 years of claims under enquiry. RCK resolved two years of ongoing enquiries and three historic claims, resulting in a qualifying expenditure that satisfied both HMRC and the company. An early cash payment was secured before the enquiry concluded, and a methodology was established for ongoing claims.

Construction & Energy Company

70% of claim value saved by RCK

A construction and energy efficiency company were initially told by HMRC that no R&D was present across the claim. The largest project was successfully retained in its entirety (c. 70% of claim value) and we were able to successfully negotiate removal of other costs without penalty.

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